Date:2017.10.30 Customer from Brazil visit our factory for aluminium foil container machine.
 Date:2017.11.30  Customer and Sam in our showroom.
 Date: 2017.10.27 Customer from Brazil visit our factory for aluminium foil container.
Date:2017.10.24    Customer from Qatar visit our company for aluminium  foil rewinding machine.
Date:2017.10.10  Customer from Morocco visit our factroy.
Date: 2017.9.28 Aluminium foil raw materials(2 cabinets) sent to Spain.


Date:2017.9.25  Customer form Sri Lanka visit our factory for full auto aluminium foil rewinding machine.
 Date:2017.9.22   Customers from Bangladesh visit our factory.
  Date: 2017.9.4    Aluminum foil roll and aluminium foil containers sent to switzerland.